ANALYSIS laboratories S.a. is approved by the Greek Agricultural Organization (ELGO) "DIMITRA" for quality control of bovine, sheep and goat milk, in accordance with national and EU legislation (Even. (EC) 854/2004 & 882/2004), no. CFI. 282255 (20/8/2002).

The above audit includes sampling of raw milk producers who supply in non-aytoelegchomenes manufacturing units, the analysis of chemical composition in terms of fat, protein, lactose, S.Y.A.L., determining the point freezing point, determine the total culturable micro-organisms-colony, the number of somatic cells, to detect the presence of antimicrobial agents (antibiotics) as well as to detect the presence of other kinds of milk in ewes ' (nwtheia).

The results of the above checks are communicated to processors, producers, in ELGO "DIMITRA" and in Parts of Rural Economy Address Veterinary and Veterinary regions, with a view to ensuring the quality of fresh milk and take corrective action where needed.